As a representative of andhra pradesh, Finance minister buggana rajendranath reddy attended the Bengaluru industry Meet. In order to negotiate loans with the Center and RBI, buggana is only allowed to travel to Delhi. As a result, he had difficulty speaking at the investors summit. He caused more of a mess while trying to sort out the andhra pradesh capital's disarray. "The Three Capitals notion is misunderstood. The entire administration will be based in Vizag. As a result, vishakapatnam will grow more because it is a port city with a diverse culture. The high court bench in kurnool will be similar to the one in Gulbarga. An assembly meeting will be held in guntur to discuss local problems, according to Buggana.

It is the height of irresponsibility and indifference to claim that the idea of three capitals is misunderstood. Andhra Pradesh's division took place nine years ago, yet it still lacks a capital. Due to the three-card game that jagan unleashed after assuming office, ap is the only state that lacks capital to present to investors. More than 33,000 farmers have offered to donate their land in land pooling, which is unprecedented, and buggana just claimed that all of the thamasha that took place over the course of these three and a half years was a result of misunderstandings.

In the assembly, the government has introduced and withdrawn measures, wasted countless hours, engaged in countless hours of political debate in the name of decentralisation, and now buggana is claiming that everything was miscommunicated. This appears to be a strategy for moving forward while avoiding legal issues with Vishakapatnam. However, Thuglaq, who frequently switched between delhi and Daulatabad as his capital, is a legend, and Naya Thuglaqs are still around in the year 2020. people in vishakapatnam and amaravati may have realised by this point that the location of the capital is mostly irrelevant till we have a government with a primitive mindset.

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