With the successful organisation of the Global Investors Summit in Visakhapatnam on march 3 and 4, which is thought to have given chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy a lot of mileage, the ysr congress party officials are elated. They were made even happier by the chief minister's statement that Visakhapatnam would shortly take over as the state's executive capital city and that he would be moving there during the summit, which was held in the presence of major international industrial players.

The YSRC leaders are now referring to Visakhapatnam as the administrative capital with more assurance. government officials would soon move to Visakhapatnam, according to State industries minister gudivada Amarnath's monday announcement. "Our chief minister will relocate to Visakhapatnam in a few days and start running the country from there. We had been discussing the chief minister's office moving shortly until recently. It is now a matter of days," he remarked.

Also, the minister mentioned moving the entire administration to Visakhapatnam before the start of the upcoming academic year, which starts in June. He declared, "The exercise in this direction has already started. The case involving amaravati and the three capitals will be heard by the supreme court on march 28. The length of the hearing is uncertain given the complexity of the matter, as the supreme court judges have acknowledged. Nonetheless, the jagan administration is arranging for the transfer of the capital even before the verdict is announced.

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