Most of us would be facing this problem. It is always a worry for most of us as we don't have any idea how to lighten the skin in that particular area. But this is not some 'Rocket science'. It is an easy task and you can do the task right from home itself. Some of the treatments are listed below,

1. Cucumber and Papaya paste

This is pure magic. Most of the beauticians recommend using the combo of Cucumber and Papaya paste on the elbow at least once a week. If its more dark, you can apply it twice a week.

2. Honey and Chandan

You can also mix Honey and Sandalwood at least once in two weeks. This will keep the elbows clear and healthy. The dead skin cells will be removed and it also nourishes the skin.

3. Keep your body hydrated

Most of us never drink water at regular intervals. Most of our body dry out when it doesn't have enough water. H2O keeps the body nourished and it also retains the moisture on the skin.

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