To attain a healthy skin its just not enough if you apply face packs and other beauty agents. In order to maintain a good and healthy skin one needs to take a healthy diet that gives proteins and nutrients.For this we need to take fruits and vegetables  in our diet which helps in building the healthy skin.


క్యారెట్స్ :

Taking carrots will help in a great way. Carrots contain carotenoid  which protect the skin from UV rays. Carrots also help in preventing the dandruff in the head and protect from hair fall. Orange and yellow colour fruits removes skin pigmentation.

Pomegranate :


Pomegranate contains vitamin C which removes the folds on the skin and prevents  the skin from turning out dry. Prevents skin pigmentation and moreover pomegranate turns the skin tight. This fruit also brings a glow on the skin.

Blue Berries:

బ్లూ బెర్రీస్:

Blue Berries also contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These help in improving the skin colour. These two vitamins contain powerful anti oxidants and gives a bright skin tone.

Beet Root:

బీట్ రూట్ :

Beet root contains nutrients, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and iron in large quantity. By taking beet root juice regularly it reduces pimples and oils that are contained on the face and gives a glowing skin to the face. Beet root also prevents hair loss.  Apply beet root juice to the face . By doing this, pimples and dark circles will be prevented.

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