Applying hair oil to the head will give required proteins to the hair. For this you need to know the technic of applying  hair oil. By applying oil to the hair  regularly it reduces hairfall and gives relaxation. But if you follow few tips while applying this will put your hair strong and healthy.

1. నూనెను గోరువెచ్చగా చేయాలి:

 Here are the tips

2. ఆయిల్ మిక్స్ :

Before applying  the oil to the head, let it boil for sometime and then apply this to the roots of the hair and gently massage. By doing this hair will get the required proteins. Blood circulation in the head also improves due to which there is a significant growth in the hair.

 Oil Mix:

Mix other essential oil to the regular coconut oil that you use. By mixing these two  hair grows at a fater rate than usual. For this use lavender oil  and badam oil.


3. మసాజ్ :

After applying the oil to the head gently massage . After massaging leave the hair loose and don’t tie it tightly. If you do so there are chances of hair fall occurring.

 Avoid Tying of hair tightly

4. జుట్టును మరీ టౌట్ గా వేయకూడదు:

After applying oil to the hair don’t use hairbands and other pins to tie the hair. Just leave it loose or  tie a bun loosely.Before applying oil comb your hair without a hitch, only then proceed to apply oil. Apply oil at night and leave it till morning and then take a shower  which is good for hair.

మరింత సమాచారం తెలుసుకోండి: