In today's times, the way a person looks is very essential. If a person does not feel and look good, he or she may go into depression which may affect the health drastically. Scars left behind by acne is the most common problem faced by many people worldwide. The solution to this problem is very simple. One has to just follow a few simple steps. 1. Wash your face 3 times daily with a medicated soap. 2. Drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.  3. Use honey- Apply honey on the affected areas. Mix honey with a little warm water and drink, this will work wonders for your skin.  4.Lemon juice- It contains citric acid and helps in removing all the dead skin cells. 5. Use rosewater and sandalwood- Make a paste with rosewater and sandalwood and apply on the affected areas. 6. Never pop zits/pimples- It might be very Tempting But remember never to do so because, in the long run, it hampers the way you look. Follow these steps and you will have a face free of scars. 

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