How to make hibiscus oil which helps in hair growth?

Hibiscus is good for those who suffer from body heat. Nowadays hair loss and puberty problem is becoming common problem for everyone. Going to the hospital for this is costing thousands. But these problems can be easily fixed with some natural products. One of the most important of them is Hibiscus. Hibiscus leaves and flowers contain the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. It not only has a variety of medicinal properties but also has a high cooling effect. Thus Hibiscus is good for those who suffer from body heat in summer. The oil made from red hibiscus helps in correcting various problems like hair loss, dandruff, baldness, and puberty, it also helps the hair to grow thicker and healthier. Because Hibiscus oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and amino acids. These stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

How to make Hibiscus oil?

Required things :

Coconut oil - 1/2 liter

Hibiscus leaf - 2 cups

Hibiscus flower - 8

Curry leaves - 1 handful

black cumin seeds - 1 tbsp

Recipe: First grind the Hibiscus leaves and flowers well. It is better to remove the middle part from the flower. Then take an iron pan and heat it well and pour coconut oil in it. When the oil is moderately hot, add the grinded mixture and let it boil. Add curry leaves and black cumin seeds once you turn off the flame.

Now, this oil will be dark green. Remove the pan from the oven and let it cool, covering it with a lid overnight so that all the nutrients in it come out of the oil. The next day the oil can be stored in a filter bottle. Massage this oil into your scalp for about 10 minutes and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Doing this regularly can strengthen your hair follicles and prevent hair loss. It is imperative to use this oil at least twice a week. Hibiscus stimulates hair growth. Also, the hair will be shiny and soft. 

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