With less than a month till the presidential election, all eyes are not just on the candidate that the BJP-led nda will choose, but also on the position that the ruling ysr congress party of andhra pradesh will take. The YSRCP and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) are expected to save the nda because it falls short of a majority in the electoral college. The jagan Mohan Reddy-led party has not yet made any indications about the approach it intends to take, but based on the stance it has taken over the last three years, it is unlikely that it will disagree with the decision made by the narendra modi administration.

Political analysts claim that although while jagan Mohan reddy may not enjoy strained ties with the BJP-led alliance, this time he will face significant domestic pressure. With only two years until the assembly elections, he risks receiving criticism from the opposition parties if he backs the nda candidate without negotiating for the state's Special Category Status (SCS) and other commitments made by the federal government in the andhra pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014. In exchange for the YSRCP's support of the nda candidate, the opposition parties have already begun to issue challenges to jagan reddy, demanding that the Modi administration award SCS and accede to other long-pending requests of the state.

If the YSRCP offers its support without any restrictions, jagan reddy may be more open to criticism from the opposition for reaching a compromise with the Centre to protect himself in cases involving his excessive assets that are still ongoing. Despite the fact that these are not brand-new accusations, the opposition may attempt to actively capitalise on them in the lead-up to the elections in 2023. According to some observers, jagan reddy might keep everyone guessing about his party's stance until the very last minute. Depending on the candidate that the nda will name, he might provide some compelling arguments to back the BJP's choice.

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