We've already talked about "Vikram" and "2.0"'s box office numbers and how the Kamal Haasan-starring film performed in comparison to Rajnikanth's enormous film, which brought in huge sums. Leaving that aside, one would wonder why this discussion even began in the first place. And now for something intriguing. Since their favourite hero is consistently scoring flops, while producing very interesting material, Kamal Haasan's fans have been largely silent for a long time.

His followers have returned and are lifting their collars now that he has starred in an enormous movie with Vikram. Everyone is aware of the rivalry between Kamal and Rajni's followers at the prime of the former's career in tamilnadu in the past. And competition has once more surfaced on social media.

Kamal gradually lost his shine during the 1990s and 2000s while Rajni went on to become the Superstar of "God" level because Kamal never did mass-market films and Rajni always did whistle-blowing oora mass pictures. As he made films like Bharateeyudu, Bhamane Satyabhamane, Abhay, and others back then, Kamal's movies are always content-focused, but Rajni consistently targeted B&C centres with films like Basha, Muthu, and Arunachalam around the same period. Without a doubt, Kamal is a fantastic actor, whereas Rajni mostly relies on fashionable screen presence, and this has caused Kamal to fall behind.

At 67 years old, Kamal is back in peak form and decided to do a mass-market movie with lokesh Kanagaraj's Vikram, which is what is causing these fan fights. Since Rajni's movies these days aren't doing well at the box office too, Kamal should make sure that vikram is followed by a few more hits. However, the fact that Rajni and Kamal are still captivating audiences at such advanced ages should serve as an example for younger people.

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