SR Shekhar, also known as MS Rajashekhar Reddy, is a well-known editor in the telugu cinema industry. With the recently released Macharla Niyojakavargam, which starred Nithiin in the lead role, he made his directorial debut. Unfortunately, the movie encountered criticism before it was ever released. On social media, a purportedly old tweet from Shekhar was discovered.

Shekhar is charged with supporting YS Jagan's success in this job by demeaning other castes. people responded to this tweet by criticising Shekhar for his remarks. He stated that the tweet was a hoax, but nobody seemed to care. The movie finally premiered on august 12. Despite good initial reviews, the movie received bad press from the very first screening. It received flak for its formulaic plot and writing. As a result, starting with the first day's midday presentations, the theatres began to become more empty.

Shekhar received criticism for his subpar narrating and directing abilities. people in the profession are therefore speculating as to whether he may soon get another opportunity to direct.The plot of "Macherla Niyojakavargam" hardly justifies a go-ahead. Naturally, mass-market performers do not claim to be novel. However, for audiences to be interested, there needs to be something unique within the bounds of commerce. There are no such aspects in this movie. Nithiin probably nodded to this tale because he was eager to take on the role of a district collector. He has never played an IAS officer before, although the movie's plot and screenplay are both full with outmoded concepts.

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