Recently, the comedy-filled trailer for Bellamkonda Ganesh's feature film debut, "Swathimuthyam," from sithara Entertainment, was unveiled. However, it is understandable that the hero has a problem that interferes with his wedding plans and is being kept a secret. We are currently hearing the following rumour in the film industry.

According to rumours, the Swathimuthyam teaser obscures the film's key twist while also dealing hilariously with the hero's erectile dysfunction problem. According to some, the movie may be an unofficial remake of Ayushman Khurrana's Shub Mangal Saavdan, which also dealt with this subject and how it dominates the thoughts of indian middle-class families. Sources close to the production company, however, refuted all of these claims.

All things considered, Ayushman Khurrana's vicky donor was previously remade in Tollywood, but that didn't work out that well. The remake of his "Dream Girl," which stars raj Tarun, was being filmed concurrently but was stopped in the middle of production. We worry what would happen to Swathimuthyam now and wish the filmmakers had done a good job, whether or not it is a remake. We would know the answers next week when the movie finally gets a release on the big screens.

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