According to reports, the telangana police's special investigation team (SIT), which is looking into the alleged attempt to recruit four telangana rashtra samithi MLAs into the bjp, has discovered conclusive evidence about the role played by B L Santosh, the organization's national general secretary. According to sources, the SIT was able to translate the whatsapp discussion between Santosh and Ramachandra Bharati, one of the three accused in the case who was detained by the Cyberabad police on october 26. This was done with the aid of forensic experts.

Although the contents of the call are unknown at this time, the fact that Santosh and the accused had a direct relationship proved that the bjp leader was implicated in the poaching attempt case. "The court has received the evidence. The plot will eventually be revealed; it is only a matter of time. The big heads in the bjp will all be exposed because there is no way Santosh can escape, according to a trs source. The telangana government's case was defended in court by senior counsel Dushyant Dave, who described the attempt to buy the trs MLAs as a severe offence.

"If the bjp has no involvement, it should work with the investigators. Why would bjp leaders petition the court to have the probe dismissed, he questioned. He recalled how the bjp had overthrown various opposition-ruled governments in states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and goa by luring MLAs away and flying them to other states. Dave added, "Even in the telangana case, the bjp has been trying to weaken the case from the outset.

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