Indian cinema is developing more quickly, and many movies are creating a franchise or a multiverse to last longer. The filmmakers are investigating the fascinating layers a movie can be constructed with, whether it be lokesh kanagaraj movies or the most recent telugu blockbusters. mahesh babu and Rajamouli's movie is the most recent to enter the franchise army.

The film will have additional sequels, according to vijayendra prasad, Rajamouli's father, who spoke exclusively with Pinkvilla. The movie is based on a true story, and vijayendra prasad revealed that it is being developed as a franchise. The major characters in the sequel stories, according to vijayendra prasad, do not alter. He added that the script for the first section is now being finalised. He described mahesh babu as an extremely intense actor.

According to vijayendra prasad, rajamouli has long desired to make a film about a forest adventure, and the best actor to star in it is currently Mahesh Babu. mahesh babu stated in a different interview that the film with rajamouli will be quite physically demanding and that he is very enthusiastic about it. mahesh babu thinks the film would shatter a lot of stereotypes.

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