Until the initial U.S. premieres of 'Animal,' it appeared that Nani's 'Hi Nanna' would have to be delayed owing to the huge buzz around 'Animal,' helmed by the director of 'Arjun Reddy' and promised high-action sequences. However, when reviews and public word of mouth began to emerge by nightfall, it became clear that nani had little to worry about with 'Animal.' 'Animal' isn't getting bad reviews, but its material isn't strong enough to overshadow a picture like 'Hi Nanna.'

Furthermore, 'Animal's' lackluster second half, and, more crucially, its excessively long duration, as well as its unsuitability for family viewing, swiftly deflated the enthusiasm around the violent picture 'Animal.' From the first showing, the onus is on novice filmmaker Shouryuv to delight the audience with his emotive storytelling. The early buzz and critical reaction will be essential — if favorable, 'Hi Nanna' has a decent chance of gaining traction.

Furthermore, He selected "Hi Nanna" since it has a touching tale. Most films these days are about action and drama. We've been missing straightforward love stories. He believes that by deviating from existing patterns, this picture would stand out at the box office. Once again, Baby kiara and Nani's closeness shows through in interviews, providing a wonderful family-like connection that stretches beyond the television.

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