The telangana election triumph has emerged as a litmus test success for the congress unit in karnataka, validating its approach of emphasizing the achievement of the five electoral pledges. karnataka politicians played a critical role in the adjacent state's campaign, with chief minister Siddaramaiah and deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar working tirelessly.

The karnataka congress felt that the success of their poll strategy of emphasizing the party's policies in karnataka would impact the outcome in Telangana. Following their election, the congress administration in karnataka began implementing promised welfare programs such as discounted energy, 2,000 help to women heads of all households, free bus travel for women, and 10 kg of free food. Following suit, the telangana congress pledged welfare programs ahead of the election, thereby opposing the Bharat Rashtra Samithi's (BRS) variety of policies.

Several karnataka politicians, including Dinesh Gundu Rao, Priyank Kharge, KH Muniyappa, krishna Byre Gowda, Eshwara Khandre, MC Sudhakar, sharan Prakash Patil, and B Nagendra, actively engaged in electoral campaigns in telangana as part of the campaign. karnataka politicians focused on demonstrating the successful fulfillment of the five electoral pledges in their state.

Despite the BRS's criticisms citing the party's failure to deliver electoral promises, the congress party boldly stated that it had kept its obligations, winning voters' trust. "Even though the BRS attacked us, claiming the programs were a failure," a karnataka Pradesh congress Committee (KPCC) official who requested anonymity said, "people have understood that the congress delivers on its promise."

To offset the influence of the congress, the BRS sent top officials to karnataka before the elections to emphasize the challenges faced by farmers and other communities in the state.

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