Trisha removed the Animal review after receiving negative feedback. trisha krishnan was chastised on social media when she shared an instagram story supporting ranbir kapoor and sandeep Reddy Vanga's new flick, Animal. netizens responded angrily to her article, and trisha removed the Animal review as a result of the reaction.
Earlier, trisha had shared an instagram story featuring the movie’s poster and captioned the image, “One word- Cult. Paaahhhh.” According to them, numerous sequences in Animal are hostile to women, thus she received a lot of response and criticism. trisha recently battled for women's dignity and against Mansoor ali Khan's insults regarding her. This was brought up by netizens, who chastised her. With this, she saw that the audience was completely against her. trisha removed the Animal review after receiving negative feedback.

The film, directed by ranbir kapoor and starring Animal, has elicited strong emotions. Some moviegoers praised the film and Ranbir's performance, while others expressed worry over the filmmaker's apparent representation of sexism in the film. Previous directorial efforts by Sandeep, such as arjun reddy and Kabir Singh, have also been scrutinised and criticised by critics and the general public.

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