After two straight terms in office, kcr and his party, BRS, were soundly defeated in the recent telangana elections. The once-untouchable leader was defeated even in his stronghold of Kamareddy, dealing huge damage to his political legacy.

Here’s why kcr and his party got decimated

1. Overconfidence and opposition to the incumbent:

- KCR's critical misstep was re-nominating more than 90% of incumbent MLAs, which fueled anti-incumbency sentiments.

- The assumption that voters would support the party regardless of candidate qualities proven to be incorrect.

2. Arrogance and MLA-Centric Governance:

- The BRS governance paradigm, which centered on MLAs as powerful entities, failed to owe to alleged favoritism and influence abuse.

- The failure of heavyweight ministers signaled both mediocrity and voter aversion to perceived arrogance.

3. Allegations of Corruption and Ignored Warnings:

- Despite warnings and charges of corruption leveled against numerous MLAs, kcr maintained the majority of them, giving a message of tolerance for wrongdoing.

- Corruption, Inaccessibility, and Arrogance (CIA) emerged as major elements in the electoral defeat.

4. Communication Failure and National Goals:

- The 'farmhouse CM,' a detachment of kcr, hampered effective communication and feedback.

- The party's move from trs to BRS, as well as its pursuit of national goals, undermined its focus on local concerns, escalating anti-incumbency feelings.

- The telangana rashtra samithi wanted to become the Bharat Rashtra Samithi but was eventually absorbed by the hyderabad Rashtra Samithi. The Hyderabad-Rangareddy area accounts for 18 of the party's 39 seats.

5. Broken Promises and Policy Failures:

- The inability of BRS to deliver on key pledges, such as affordable housing and job development, fuelled voter discontent.

- The party's dismal performance was exacerbated by the delayed implementation of farmer loan waivers and allegations of corruption in assistance initiatives.

6. youth and Opposition Alienation:

- youth rage has been fueled by the failure to create jobs and the mismanagement of crises at universities.

- The government's unpopularity was exacerbated by the alienation of activists, maltreatment of rtc workers, and hostility from numerous organizations.

7. Leaders' Perception of Increased Wealth:

- The public's impression of BRS officials prioritizing personal wealth over public benefit has harmed the party's credibility.

- Alleged leaks in key projects such as Kaleswaram and Medigadda aroused more skepticism.

8. Ignorance of Democratic Values:

- Defections from other parties, as well as a perceived disregard for the right of the people to vote, led to the perception that BRS did not cherish democratic ideals.

In conclusion, the BRS's downfall may be ascribed to the CIA: Corruption, Inaccessibility, and Arrogance. The defeat in 2023 is viewed as the result of KCR's conduct. kcr appears to have defeated himself, not just Congress. Although he is a tenacious political combatant, the 'Chandra' has been surpassed for the time being.

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