Extraordinary Man is a pivotal film for all significant protagonists, including hero Nithiin, director Vakkantham Vamsi, and Sreeleela. Her latest film vanished into thin air. So let's see how well this film has done. Nithiin is a junior artist who gets a chance to be a lead hero, and he has to overcome various obstacles to become an 'Extraordinary' guy, the story of how he conquered all of these obstacles is dull.

Rajasekhar's humor perspective will undoubtedly wow the audience. The cast performs an excellent job in their parts. Character artists like rao ramesh and others have done so many parts like this that they glide through their characters smoothly, but nithin and Rajasekhar are a whole other story; one must witness their comedic timing on film. His cinematography is astounding, as is his music picturization. nithin and Rao Ramesh's comic segments are incredibly amusing. Nothing profound, but you'll laugh heartily.

The first half is a lot of fun. The over-the-top humor technique, although effective in certain cases, frustrates others. This time, hero Nithiin ventures outside of his comfort zone, attempting a full-fledged comedic genre.  Vakkantham Vamsi, the director, adopts a new approach to this picture. Some comedy sequences are funny, but others aren't. The interval twist is acceptable. But the movie takes a detour and falls in the second half.

Extraordinary Man suffers from dumb characters and tiring comedy in the second half, aside from the comedy in the first half. No success as a director for vakkantham vamsi again!

Overall, A Very Ordinary Film!

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