Upasana Konidela, the wife of telugu star ram Charan, has talked candidly about their moments together. The famous wife acknowledged that at first, she felt a little uneasy during "certain scenes" in which ram would act alongside movie heroines. upasana stated in a recent interview that it took her some time to comprehend the workings of the film industry because she was raised in a very different environment. 

While ram Charan is a well-known actor and the son of the late actor Chiranjeevi, upasana hails from a family of physicians and business owners. Like any woman, I have occasionally questioned whether he was required to do specific sequences with heroes. "Come on, what is this?" is how I feel. In an interview with Galatta Ritz, upasana said.
However, he says, 'Please comprehend that this is my trade and this is what occurs.'" Now that he clarified the details, everything is good. I didn't comprehend at first since we were from two different worlds. However, he looks best on me and we have the finest connection together," she continued.
In june 2023, ram and upasana welcomed Klin Kaara, a baby girl, into the world. upasana disclosed in the interview that Klin is a total daddy's girl. "Power comes from the heart, and I believe we both play a significant role in parenting," the woman remarked. I believe the dad is doing more than what is expected of a mother. It's wonderful that we're parenting Kara equally. ram is an involved father. She's a daddy's daughter, and I'm envious beyond belief. Her face brightens up when she sees her dad. She has a unique grin and a sparkle in her eyes, and I'm thinking, really?

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