Pooja Hegde, a famous actress from bollywood and Tollywood, participated in the worldwide commemoration of World pizza Day by bringing a massive pizza that appeared to be split in half between a traditional tomato sauce portion and a bold fried choice. 
Her contagious smile and giddy glance at the pizza imply a genuine appreciation for the well-loved meal, even if it's unclear if she actually indulged or was merely posing for the photo.
With her hair falling freely and outfitted in a loose cream shirt and grey trousers, pooja confidently embraced the laid-back attitude. This humorous image reminds us that even those on diets want to indulge in their favourite foods, and World pizza Day is the ideal justification for doing so!

For good reason, pizza is one of the most popular foods in the entire globe. pizza is a flatbread topped with cheese and sauce with your choice of toppings, such veggies or meat like chicken or beef. It has evolved from being a strange food to the talk of the party before World war II. We can all see why it is nearly hard to find someone who does not enjoy pizza. There are surprises in every slice of a pizza. It's a meal that has also been tried in many other cultures and nations, and every time it turns out fantastic as the last.

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