All the secrets are in it... Find out somehow...!?

Former indian captain sourav ganguly has complained to the police about his expensive cellphone being stolen from his house. sourav ganguly is the cricketer who has more mass among fans than Sachin and rahul Dravid. Ganguly's aggressiveness in playing with style and arrogantly facing the opposition is celebrated by indian fans till date. He recently took over as the bcci president and is now back working as a coach. Other times he spends time with businesses and family. Hence Ganguly lives in kolkata most of the time.
Meanwhile, it has been reported to the police station that Ganguly's personal cell phone was stolen from his house in the Behala area. In the complaint filed by sourav ganguly, the cell phone was kept in a secret place in the house before the theft. He left his cell phone due to work and came back to see that it had been stolen. Painting work is already going on in the house. It is also reported that woodwork is also going on. Similarly, Ganguly's stolen cell phone worth Rs 1.6 lakh and two 5g SIM cards were found in the cell phone. A stolen cell phone also contains a lot of personal information. Apart from that various bank accounts are linked to the cellphone. Contact numbers of various stars are included. So the cell phone is demanded to be returned before all those secrets are revealed. It is noteworthy that following this, the police immediately started an investigation.

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