Autorickshaws were allowed to run to the yadadri Hill shrine on Sunday, february 11. Two years ago, the temple prohibited autorickshaws due to remodeling projects. auto rickshaw limits were removed, and government whip Bheerla Ilaiah and Alair mla ceremoniously waived them off. 

500 or so drivers in automobiles make their living by driving passengers from the bus station to the temple. However, reports claim that while the temple underwent repairs, 257 autorickshaw drivers lost their employment. They have been demonstrating for some time, saying that permitting cars to travel up the hill is necessary for them to make a living.
The congress guaranteed them that autorickshaws would be allowed on the hill during the elections in December. As a result, chief minister Revanth reddy was made aware of the problems and made the choice. The drivers conveyed their satisfaction with the relocation and believed that it would improve their standard of living.
Based on their serial numbers, 100 autorickshaws will be allowed up the hill each day, according to mla Birla Ailaiah. They would also have to collect government-fixed charges from devotees and obey police orders. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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