Rats biting a patient receiving treatment in the government hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in kamareddy district headquarters was a startling event. Rats bit Shaikh Mujeeb on his hands and feet when he was in the intensive care unit at government Medical college and General Hospital in Kamareddy. He spent a week in the intensive care unit receiving therapy for issues connected to his blood pressure. His hands and legs were bleeding from rat bites, his family discovered. The medical team was notified and treated the patient.

Other patients' attendants also voiced concerns about the hospital's rat problem. They requested hospital officials to take quick action to remedy the situation. The situation has been addressed by representatives of the Medical and health Department in the meantime. The patient's condition was inquired about by the district medical and health officer. He was told by doctors that the patient was receiving the finest care available and that his condition was stable.

A 40-day-old baby from the nagarkurnool area tragically died on december 23 while undergoing treatment for a rat bite earlier in December. The tragic incident started when the baby's mother momentarily left him alone to take a shower. A rodent bit the baby's nose at this period, resulting in extensive blood.

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