With Ramadan just one month away, there is a lot of activity going on at Hafiz Babanagar in the Old City as vendors prepare for the holiday season by selling women's clothing, shoes, children's clothing, suits, shirts, and bracelets. Situated on the route that links Kanchanbagh and Chandrayangutta, the Hafiz Babanagar market has become a commercial center for those residing in Hyderabad's far south.
Residents of the following residential neighborhoods are big fans of the market: Tadlakunta, Ghazimillat Colony, Kandikalgate, Barkas, Errakunta, Santoshnagar, Royal Colony, Chandrayangutta, Narqi Phoolbagh, Moin Bagh, Rakshapuram, and Gulshan Iqbal Colony.

‘Affordable, durable & trendy’
Over the last three years, the market has developed into a major economic hub that draws large people during Ramadan and the wedding season. The goods offered here are reasonably priced, well-made, and fashionable, according to a vendor of women's clothing.
Nearly a hundred stores stretching from the Omer Hotel to the Babanagar C Block Bismillah Hotel provide goods made both locally and imported from other regions of the nation.
"We buy a lot of women's clothing from Surat, Delhi, Mumbai, and other indian cities. The cost of ordinary clothing and party gear is between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000, according to shop owner Mohd Zubair.

Mini Laad Bazaar
It would not be incorrect to draw attention to the "Mini Laad Bazaar," a bangle market made up of about thirty stores. "There is competition in prices." The bangle set goods are produced locally by artisans who reside in the camps for Burmese refugees in C Block, according to the shop owner Mujahid.
To accommodate customers who stop by from all parts of the city, the ramzan market remains open all night.
“The IT employees sometimes stopover en route to their houses located at Vanasthalipuram, L B Nagar, Saroornagar, Bairamalguda, Saidabad, Champapet to visit the shops,” said a dealer.

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