In response to the state government's move to root out quacks, suppliers, and dealers of illicit drugs, the telangana Drug Control Administration has been conducting 24-hour raids around the city, mostly in Hyderabad's Old City district. During a recent raid, shocking information revealed that quacks have been in control of Old City, disregarding medical regulations and putting lives in danger.

A few medical professionals operating without private medical practitioner (PMP) or rural medical practitioner (RMP) certifications were apprehended by DCA during the searches. Antibiotics, steroids, anti-ulcer medications, antihypertensive drugs, etc., along with physician’s samples from the raided clinics that were being conducted in dingy alleyways of Old City were taken.
In Vattepally Fatimnagar, a quack was apprehended on wednesday night for practicing medicine without a medical certificate. Moreover, drugs were found.
Falaknuma Station Road drugstore was searched because the purported pharmacist was unable to present the required licenses.
When the management of a Unani clinic/pharmacy disregarded the drugs and Cosmetics Act and falsely advertised the treatment of many illnesses on the medication packaging, the establishment was raided.

The majority of the places where the quacks are operating are populated by migrant workers who work for daily wages, including Tallabkatta, Vattepally, Hassannagar, Sultanshahi, Jahangirabad, Hafeez Babanagar, Tappachabutra Jhirra, Golconda, and Shaheennagar. These "clinics" are open past 9:00 p.m.
The Healthcare Reforms Doctors Association (HRDA) provided evidence to the health authorities last year about more than 300 quacks, including unlicensed practitioners from hyderabad and other regions of the state.

According to the study, people complained to the HRDA on many occasions about quacks and unlicensed medical practitioners prescribing allopathic drugs that caused major health issues.
The DCA followed down and exposed 52 more quacks in light of the investigation.

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