Students' road to gain places in government-run residential schools is not an easy one, as there are only a restricted amount of seats available. around government residential schools run by various welfare educational institutions and societies around the state, more than two kids will be vying for a single place this year.

There were 1,20,654 registrations for the v Telangana Gurukul Common Entrance Test (VTGCET)-2024, which was held for admissions into Class v in the residential institutions; nevertheless, 51,924 openings were announced for the academic year 2024–2025. 1,13,383 of the registered applicants showed up for the entrance exam, which was held on sunday at 338 locations around the State.
This year, 51,924 seats are being offered by 643 residential schools run by TSWREIS, TTWREIS, MJPTBCWREIS, and TREIS, with the greatest number of openings—23,680—found at 294 bc Welfare Residential Schools. Comparably, 18,560 seats in Class v are being offered by 232 TSWREIS residential schools.

These residential schools became well-known for providing free, high-quality instruction in a residential setting, as well as wholesome meals served with excellent rice. students from these residential schools showed their abilities in national-level admission exams, with some of them being accepted into the esteemed IITs, IIITs, NITs, and AIIMSs each year. They also achieved the highest pass % in the SSC Public Examinations and other government examinations.

In addition to traditional academics, extracurricular activities, gaming, sports, coding, fine arts, and physical education are given particular attention. In actuality, a few TSWREIS students have won medals in sports at the state, national, and international levels. Along with other freebies, new students at these institutions receive free notebooks, textbooks, stationery, records, three pairs of school clothes, and trunk boxes.

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