Santosh Narayanan took over for Mickey J Meyer in Nag Ashwin's kalki 2898 AD, which was directed by Prabhas. sana recently gave a brief performance of the movie's BGM at a concert. The poor quality music clip surfaced on social media, and the official movie account also shared it on X. Numerous inquiries concerning the movie were raised by this music bit.
 Saindhav, a recent film directed by Santosh Narayanan, received unsatisfactory reviews for its soundtrack. The feedback to the music clip was mainly good. There are others who claim that it adheres to international standards. However, others are questioning Santosh Narayanan's capacity to consider Saindhav. When will the promotions start, fans want to know from the creators.

Some are unsure if they will be ready for the May 9th release, which has already been confirmed. The next most promising movie from tollywood is kalki 2898 AD. With its scope and director Nag Ashwin's experience, the film might do well in theatres all over the nation. As soon as the producers unveil the advertising materials, the anticipation will only grow. We need to wait and see if Santosh Narayanan can match the hype with his musical score.

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