The Group-I notice for the 503 open vacancies that was published on april 26, 2022, has been revoked by the telangana State Public service Commission (TSPSC). "Having taken totally of the circumstances into account, the Commission has decided to cancel Notification No. 4/2022 issued on 26/4/2022 for 503 posts in the public interest," TSPSC Secretary naveen Nicolas stated in an official statement made public on Monday, february 18.

The TSPSC tests have been postponed three times now. The tests were postponed till september of last year by an order from the telangana High Court. Before that, in early 2023, the tests were postponed owing to a scandal around a paper leak.
Chief minister Revanth reddy promised that the Group-I test would take place shortly, just three days ago. He released job announcements for more than 13,000 openings, 563 of which were Group-I postings. Additionally, he declared that the Group-I candidate age restriction would henceforth be 46 years old.

In addition to guaranteeing that the recruitment process will be openly handled by TSPSC, following the model of the Union Public service Commission (UPSC), he had guaranteed jobs to the thirty lakh youngsters without work in the state.
The chief minister said on december 11 that the TSPSC will be reorganised and that new announcements will be made on the dates of the Group-I, Group-II, Group-III, and Group-IV recruitment exams. The statement was made at a high-level TSPSC meeting that was presided over by B Janardan reddy, the chairman, and other important secretaries.

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