The nalgonda district became well-known globally for its large concentration of borewells in addition to its fluorosis. Following a ten-year hiatus, farmers are again choosing to dig a large number of borewells while stopping irrigation to complete the AMRP canal and the nagarjuna sagar Project.

There were more than 25 lakh borewells spread throughout a geographic area of 7,122 square meters, or 28 borewells per square meter. The media took notice when some of the farmers dug more than 100 borewells in an attempt to increase their chances of finding water for farming.
 For the first time since telangana state was formed, or after ten years, the state government has announced a crop holiday in the Adyacut of NSP. This is because the water level in the NSP dropped to 517 feet, which is seven feet below the dead storage level of 510 feet. Due to the district's estimated rainfall shortage and the failure to fill irrigation tanks with krishna waters via the AMRP canal, the groundwater level also dropped precipitously. Roughly speaking, when the farmers' current borewells dried out, they were drilling 60 to 100 new ones to save their crops in both ayacut and non-ayacut.

According to the figures of ground water department, water table fell down to 15.62 meters in Chandampet mandal, 9.59 meters in Chinthapally, 8.2 meters in Devarakonda, 6.56 meters in Gundlapally, 12.85 meters in Neredugumma, 6.68 meters in PA Pally, 6.29 meters in Adavidevulapally, 4.70 meters in Damaracherla, 7.4 meters in Madgulapally, 7.76 meters in Miryalaguda, 8.04 meters in Nidmanoor, 10.35 meters in Peddavoora, 7.31 in Thirumalgir(Sagar), 7.80 meters in Thripuraram, 10.25 meters in Chandur, 12.30 meters in Chityal 6.91 meters in Kanagal, 9.86 meters in Kattangur, 10.46 meters in Gurrampode, 10.49 meters in Marriguda, 6.06 meters in Nampally, 7.47 meters in Neredugumma, 7.79 meters in Kethepally, 6.06 meters in Munugode, 7.74 meters in Nakrekal and 7.79 meters in nalgonda, 8.45 meters in Narketoally, 6.68 meters in Shaligowrarm and 7.12 meters in Thipparthy mandal.

The district's neighbouring villages around Shaligowraram Reservoir, the ayacut region of the NSP Left Canal, the AMRP Canal, the ayacut area of the Musi Project, and the groundwater level all drastically dropped. This was undoubtedly a warning indication of impending water scarcity in the summer.


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