The telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has adjusted its buses to provide more space for passengers, not just women travelers, whose numbers have increased significantly under the Mahalakshmi plan, and to make sure money is earned.
The TSRTC has taken down the grills in several buses that were previously installed to keep men and women apart while riding because of the increasing number of female passengers. Instead, for the convenience of the passengers, additional seats were installed in those locations.

To accommodate more people, the rtc will also remove the grills from each bus and replace 45 seats. There are now 3,200 more seats on 800 buses.

Officials said that work is underway to permanently remove grills from 1,300 buses, adding over 5,000 seats. This implies that there will still be room for 5,000 additional people to ride on buses.

To implement such modifications, rtc authorities are choosing newer, less-used, or damaged vehicles, such as the Deluxe Express or Palle Velugu buses. In addition, it has modified the seating configurations of a few buses on the metro rail lines on a trial basis.

The company made the critical choice to equip buses operating in the hyderabad area with metro-style seats.

In the morning and evening, city buses are generally packed with individuals traveling to workplaces and universities. Wednesdays and Mondays fill up faster. According to rtc, adding seats will enable more passengers to ride the same vehicle. More individuals will have the opportunity if certain seats are eliminated, according to officials.
It will be simpler for more people to go through the area in the middle of the bus if the six seats there are taken out and the seats are positioned on either side, similar to how they are in a metro train.

City buses presently have 44 seats available. rtc determines that a bus is 100% occupied if just 63 individuals board it. The bus can only accommodate 12 people in total if the six seats in the middle are removed. There are five seats set up on either side, much like on a metro train.
On certain routes, bus seating has been adjusted on an experimental basis. This strategy will be extended to other locations if it proves to be effective.

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