The RGIA police detained a former IT worker on monday after he made fictitious bomb threats against the rajiv gandhi international airport (RGIA) in Shamshabad. "Please don't open international airport doors, the hijackers are using compliance to murder you," the suspect Vaibhav said in an email to the airport officials.

The police claim that on february 15, he used his email address to send a fictitious message to rajiv gandhi international Airport's lost and found department. Additionally, he emailed fictitious threats using his email account, frightening airport staff members. Vaibhav, who initially moved to Bengaluru from Bihar, worked in IT from 2012 until 2020. He fell into despair after losing his work as a result of sickness during the COVID-19 outbreak and turned to threatening emails to the airport and other significant institutions.

A case was registered at the RGIA police station under sections 385 and 507 of the IPC and he was taken into custody from Bengaluru.

In another incident, a Sub-Inspector from the siddipet Commissionerate was detained by the saidabad police on suspicion of defrauding a 23-year-old lady who had promised to marry her on Sunday. Arun, a 29-year-old police officer from the 2020 batch, was employed two years ago at the saidabad police station in the city. Authorities claim that Arun first saw the young woman while serving as a trainee at the saidabad police station. They then exchanged phone numbers and began dating. They had many encounters prior to Arun being sent to Siddipet.

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