Our readers are aware that a major pan-Indian tragedy was produced by this young hero and a senior director. They announced a major, much-anticipated project in mumbai even before the movie's premiere. But the next movie was shelved when the previous one failed to find an audience. The film's producer is a corporate tycoon with a background in media. Three shares in the picture were agreed upon: the producer, director, and hero. This business group had already spent a significant sum of money—rumored to be $50 crore—by the time the film was postponed, and that money would undoubtedly be lost.

The director and his female business partner have to pay more than 16 crore (if the 50 crore figure is accurate) even for their portion of the overall loss. According to sources, the hero and the business Group have already come to an accord and resolved the issue within themselves. They then went to the Film Chamber to get their money back from the director and his associate, who were not answering appropriately. Asian Suniel, dil Raju, and Damodar prasad called a meeting of the parties involved.
According to reports, the business Group was represented by the close assistant of the business Tycoon, who was previously the COO of a Top news Channel. However, the auditor was sent by the director and his partner to represent. However, the business Group vehemently opposed speaking with anybody without signatory power, which prevented the meeting from moving further. They demanded to be able to make some decisions during the meeting. The upcoming week is probably when we'll meet again.


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