Superstar mahesh babu and internationally acclaimed filmmaker SS rajamouli are collaborating on a new Durga Arts-produced film. It's in the planning stages and has the provisional designation #SSMB29. S. Gopal Reddy, one of the producers, recently provided an update in an interview. He stated that they may begin filming in May of the next year, and the script is almost finished. 

Online users believed that filming would begin in May 2025, which made fans unhappy since it appeared so far off. However, Gopal Reddy's interview from december 2023 turns out to be dated May 2024, not 2025, as he said when he claimed "next year." Although Mahesh's supporters are pleased with the news, an official trailer for the film has not yet been released. Mahesh is concentrating on his physical look and is already preparing for the job.

Super Star mahesh babu and SS rajamouli are expected to discuss the film during their meeting next week. They will discuss the project's advancement through pre-production, team additions, technical specifications, casting, and other pertinent information. The film, which will include music by MM Keeravani, is billed as an international, globe-trotting action adventure.

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