The telugu audience seemed to have connected with "Premalu" in terms of both the narrative and Hyderabad's representation. Hyderabad's crowded houses are seeing the flick. Despite being a malayalam movie, it succeeds in authentically portraying hyderabad and engaging the spectator with its portrayal of the city. Premalu captures hyderabad in a way that many telugu films are unable to.

The film's popularity may be ascribed to its novel approach to romance and its examination of Hyderabadi IT workers' lives—an issue that is likely to resonate with a large number of spectators. The comedy and simplicity of the film, which is well incorporated into the story, contribute to its popularity. Positive reviews for the film have been attributed in part to the performances of its major actors, Naslen K. Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju, which have received widespread recognition.
 Although there are intentions to re-make or dub the movie in telugu to appeal to a larger audience, this presents a special problem. Previous experiences have demonstrated that the inherent charm and cultural subtleties of the original film can be lost during dubbing or recreating. Its popularity among Telugu-speaking audiences will depend on how well the dubbed version maintains its humor, genuineness, and emotional effect.

Seeing "Premalu" with subtitles in theatres or on OTT platforms may be more beneficial for telugu audiences than choosing a dubbed or remake version that isn't very deep, considering the influence of the original version and the nuances of its cultural context. This will enable them to fully appreciate the essence of the film.

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