To promote their new film, "Operation Valentine," varun Tej and his crew are going all out. The movie's theatrical trailer, which is being produced by sony Pictures India, will debut on february 20. "Operation Valentine" honors the valiant actions of indian Air Force warriors during a major aerial attack on pakistan and seems to be an exciting patriotic adventure.
This film is a sequel to sony Pictures' 2022 hit film "Major," featuring adivi sesh and honoring the bravery of the indian military. Both hindi and telugu versions of the film were produced. "Operation Valentine," which is slated for release on march 1st in telugu and hindi, is part of sony Pictures India's ongoing initiative to support motion pictures with military themes.

Their latest endeavors, such as "Major," "Operation Valentine," and the soon-to-be-released siva karthikeyan movie "Amaran," imply a purposeful concentration on nationalistic storylines. This tendency begs the question: Is it due to the current popularity of these films, or are there political motivations?

Due to the ideal setting for hindi moviegoers, varun Tej is now aggressively advertising his movie in the northern regions for the first time. We will have to wait and see how big of an influence his marketing make on the public when "Operation Valentine" hits theatres on march 1. One thing is certain: it's good to see an actor as quiet and reticent as varun making an effort to market his movie to hindi viewers.

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