This weekend, Ooru peru Bhairavakona, which debuted in theatres on this month's 16th, made a noteworthy addition to the tollywood box office. Regarding the box office earnings, the sundeep kishan film had a mediocre showing. Due to the poor word of mouth, the creators conducted premieres two days before the release, although this didn't much help. The crucial friday (release day) surge was thus lost.

However, as the sole option available to telugu audiences, the movie gained some traction throughout the weekend. This aided in recording the modest domestic income it reported. However, this mysterious thriller became successful in the USA, grossing more than $250K in a single weekend. Sundeep Kishan's career-high number in the USA has already been achieved, which gives the gifted young hero some comfort since he has been in dire need of success. 

In the USA, the genre and concept have been beneficial. It remains to be seen where this movie will land, given there isn't any significant direct competition this weekend either. With two free weekends to have a strong box office run, the movie would have easily been a box office winner with stronger word of mouth.

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