Sreeleela became quickly become a well-known heroine. The market is becoming less and less due to a string of failures and mishaps. She is holding one film at the moment, and another is being planned.  The scheduled Vijay Devarakonda-Gautam Tinnanuri movie is still unclear, while Sreeleela is still in charge of the second movie, "Robin Hood," which stars Nithin. They spent a week filming with her as well. It was at this time that word spread that Sreeleela was leaving the project. However, those reports are untrue.

Apart from Nithin's film, Sreeleela also hopped on the celebrity bandwagon and crashed hard, just like Kriti Shetty. There are currently no upcoming films in development. Furthermore, she danced in a style that made the audience bored in every movie. But in "Guntur Kaaram," Sreeleela seemed like a defeated power.

Sreeleela was also utilised by directors and producers as if her dance abilities were the only reason they had recruited her. However, she didn't get the same distinctive renown in her USP as sai pallavi even there. Now, until she obtains a decent part, Sreeleela has no chance to show herself. Additionally, there are criticisms of Sreeleela's dubbing. However, using a dubbing artist to alter her voice is no longer an option. She might need to take a pay cut and team up with Tier 2 and Tier 3 heroes in order to pursue her job.

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