The kaleshwaram project has become a focal point in telangana politics, sparking heated debates between the ruling party and the opposition, both inside and outside the assembly. Allegations of serious corruption and inefficient use of funds, with claims of spending lakhs of crores without significant irrigation outcomes, have intensified the discourse. 

Amidst this, a public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the High court, leading to interesting comments from the court. The High court, in response to the PIL, made remarks acknowledging awareness of the individuals behind the litigation, questioning whether it is genuinely a matter of public interest or merely seeking publicity. Additionally, the court raised objections to designating the petitioner as a "Senior Advocate" without proper notification and questioned the basis for declaring seniority solely based on service.

Viswanatha reddy filed the PIL, seeking an investigation into the kaleshwaram project by a High Power Committee, submission of government agreements with Megha and L&T companies, and orders to complete the project as per the Detailed Project Report (DPR). During the hearing, Nandita, the advocate for the petitioner, requested a fixed date for the hearing.

 However, the court intervened, making key comments on the petitioner's status and related documents. The court emphasized that a thorough investigation would reveal the motives behind the petition, and the petitioner's status should be appropriately modified. The hearing was adjourned, adding another layer to the ongoing political discussions in Telangana.

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