Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a global phenomenon, capturing widespread attention for its technological advancements. While discussions on the benefits of AI have been prevalent, concerns about its drawbacks and potential hazards are also gaining prominence. The focus has shifted to the significant impact AI might have on employment, leading to the loss of thousands of jobs, a concern acknowledged by various CEOs.

Eliezer Yadkowsky, the founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, has taken this conversation a step further, highlighting the potential threat AI poses to humanity's survival. In a recent international media interview, Yadkowsky expressed his views on the range of threats associated with AI, suggesting that it could become an existential threat to humanity. While predicting an exact timeframe remains uncertain, Yadkowsky warned that humanity might have only a limited span, be it two, five, or ten years, before facing significant challenges from AI.

Drawing parallels to hollywood movies like terminator and Matrix, where machines bring about the end of humanity, Yadkowsky's statement has sparked discussions about the broader implications of AI. The concern extends beyond job displacement, raising questions about the ethical and existential aspects of advancing artificial intelligence. As the debate continues, Yadkowsky's warning adds a new layer to the ongoing discourse on the societal impact of AI and the need for responsible development and deployment of these technologies.

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