Trisha's controversy now ended with the Politician's reply..!?

Trisha's controversial news which took a huge form has now come to an end. Former union secretary Raju had given a public interview saying that the MLAs in Koovathur asked for actresses and karunas arranged for them. Shocked by this, netizens quickly shared the video. Also, many screen celebrities posted their comments in support of Trisha. But it was met with silence from Trisha's side. After that, the fans turned the issue into a social media trend and demanded that a case should be filed. trisha emphatically registered her condemnation on this sensational issue.

After that, the politician changed the plate and apologized. The media has distorted what he said. He just said that Venkatachalam is like Trisha.
He has also said that he apologizes to the film industry in this matter. But since the trisha issue has become a big controversy, it is obvious that he is talking about it. However, those who think of actresses as scumbags and slander them like this should definitely be condemned. So there are strong opinions that trisha should take this issue legally without taking it back.

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