Amit Shah, the Union home minister, will take part in Telangana's "Vijay Sankalp Yatra" on february 24 to rally support for the bjp ahead of the next lok sabha elections. It is said that the state bjp is organizing his visit. His visitation ended on december 27. He is anticipated to advise state bjp leaders on what has to be accomplished for the lok sabha elections. 

Achieving about 10 seats (out of 17 seats) and a 35 percent vote share in the polls is the party's goal. The bjp started the yatra on Tuesday, february 20, from four different places in the state. It will last till march 1. To rally support for the party, federal ministers, members of parliament, state legislators, and top bjp officials will take part in the yatra over the following nine days.

Union home minister amit shah stated on monday that prime minister Narendra Modi has unveiled a multifaceted disaster management strategy. As part of this plan, the government established early warning systems and increased the number of quick-reaction troops, which have helped save millions of lives. To create a nation that is robust to disasters, Shah added, the prime minister of india has implemented a zero-casualty policy in the country's response to natural disasters, and the disaster response teams now function as completely professional forces with the sole objective of saving every life.

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