January 30 saw 536 aircraft arrive and depart from rajiv gandhi International airport (RGIA) in Shamshabad, making it the airport's biggest day to date. january 30 had the most amount of daily passenger traffic to date, according to GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited. Furthermore, by january 31, the airport had handled over 20.7 million passengers—a record high for the year. It is noteworthy that throughout the fiscal year 2024, the airport consistently processed close to two million passengers monthly.

To 2,181,141 in january, passenger traffic climbed by 14% year over year. Meanwhile, an amazing 20,750,712 passengers were carried in total for the fiscal year 2024—a notable 21% increase over the previous year. The data also demonstrates excellent performance in aircraft motions. At RGIA, there were 15,054 movements in january alone, a notable nine-fold increase over the same month last year. This performance has not changed during the fiscal year 2024, with 143,355 movements recorded overall.

According to research, the airports in Bengaluru and hyderabad are ranked third and second, respectively, among the top 10 airports in the world for punctuality and operational effectiveness. The aviation analytics company Cirium produced the 2023 On-Time Performance (OTP) Review, which lists three indian airports (Bangalore, hyderabad, and Kolkata) and one indian airline (Indigo) in total. rajiv gandhi International airport has the second position in both the global airports and big airports categories with an OTP of 84.42 percent.

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