Actor vishal condemned politician AV Raju's statements against actress trisha krishnan in a tweet on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account following the viral video of the lawmaker's offensive remarks.
In his tweet, vishal wrote speaking indirectly about AV Raju and trisha “I just heard that a stupid idiot from a political party spoke very ill and disgustingly about someone from our film fraternity. I will not mention your name nor the name of the person you targeted because I know you did it for publicity. I definitely will not mention names because we are not just good friends but also mutual co-artistes in the film fraternity. I wish and hope that the women in your house welcome you back home after what you have done, if they even have a conscience, even if you don't have one. “

He further added, “Yes, it truly pains me to put up a tweet to even retaliate over such a demon on Earth. What you have done is absolutely filthy and not worth mentioning, But these particular ppl mean a lot personally and professionally. Honestly, I don't want to condemn you, which is an understatement, but I hope you rot in hell. Once again, I don't intend to make this statement as a general secretary of the artist association, but as a human being, as much as you can be on Earth, which you will never be. Of course, this has become a trend of trying to make money out of negative publicity about celebrities. Get a job, a better job. You might start off as a beggar to learn some basic discipline atleast.”

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