Is Virat's child born in London..!? A british citizen? What is the truth?

Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma gave birth to their second child on february 15 in London. Last night, virat kohli made an announcement about it. In this situation, information started circulating on social media that because the child was born in london, the child will get british citizenship and virat kohli has made his son a british citizen. Is that true?
Of course, that's not true. The fact is that a child born in the UK does not become a UK citizen. british law requires at least one parent of a child to be a british citizen. If both of them are citizens of another country, they must have lived in the UK for a long time and have acquired citizenship. Only then can a child born there get british citizenship. virat kohli and anushka sharma have bought a house in London. That alone cannot make them british citizens. So, Virat Kohli's second child can get a birth certificate as an indian citizen. But Virat Kohli's second child will get a british passport as he was born in Britain. Even in that, it will be mentioned as an indian citizen. Without understanding these facts, some people have unleashed myths that virat kohli decided not to stay in india and went to england, bought a house there, and got citizenship of that country for his child. Virat Kohli's first child was born in Mumbai. Then he withdrew from the Australian Test series and went to Mumbai. Similarly, he withdrew from the england Test series during the birth of his second child and went to london to stay with his wife. Will kohli participate in at least the fifth match of the england Test series? His fans are waiting eagerly.

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