On tuesday night, hyderabad police raided an Old City snooker parlor. Anger was sparked on social media by a raid video that showed a senior police officer using "filthy" language. Aswaque, the extra deputy commissioner of police, could be heard reprimanding children in the video for lingering late in the pool room. He said that they were damaging the reputation of the Muslim community.

Video surfaces online
After the event, Advocate Mohd Raheem questioned the language used by extra DCP Aswaque in a video that he uploaded on social media. He tweeted, "Addl DCP South West Zone Sri Aswaque sir, what kind of language is that by abusing in filthy language?" If they broke the law, he had the full power to file a case under the applicable statute and authorize the court to take the necessary measures. Is it okay to use such language?

After the video of the snooker parlor in hyderabad went viral on social media, one of the X users, Khalida Parveen wrote, “This police officer needs immediate counseling. He abused the “Qaum”, which is unpardonable.”

Another person wrote, “I condemn the words used by additional DCP. He shouldn’t have used the vulgar words.”

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