Are Telangana's 24-hour electricity supplies for farmers gradually going extinct? Farmers in many regions around the State are grumbling that the unstable electricity supply is starting to seriously affect them, especially during the vital Yasangi season. Many places have four- to five-hour power outages that are mostly caused by nighttime power outages.

Farmers report having another serious dread that might materialize in the next few days, in addition to worries about a lack of water for irrigation and the current power outages. This was the rising expense of inputs, made worse by insect infestations.
Consider the situation of the farmers in Pothireddypet, Nagaram, and the other villages in Dubbak Mandal, Siddipet. They claim that this year's potential debt traps are being threatened by four to five hourly power outages and rising input costs.

"A set timetable for the interruption of the electricity supply does not exist. Typically, the power outages start at 5 p.m. and last until 10 or 11 p.m. According to tirupati Goud, a farmer from Nagaram village, it can occur between 6 p.m. and midnight the following day.
It's interesting to note that the home sector has not voiced any complaints about the power outages, only the agricultural sector. However, the farmers are concerned about this Yasangi season's output. With 60 to 80 days remaining for harvest, it has been just over a month since paddy transplanting. With this in mind, concerns have been raised over the potential effects of the unstable power supply.

According to srinivas Reddy, a different farmer, Bhoompally vendors were requesting higher prices for urea and fertilizers. He claims that up until a few days ago, they were charging Rs. 265 for a urea bag, but as of right now, they are charging between Rs. 280 and Rs. 300. He also claims that agriculture authorities failed to properly communicate on the matter.
Many farmers are giving up on this season because of the state of the fields right now.
"Ignore the crop and any financial gain. If we can recoup the investment, it will be a success, adds another farmer named Vinodha.

Similar circumstances exist in the community of Pothireddypet, which is nearby. For the second time this season, srikanth is ploughing a section of his 12-acre property in the hamlet for paddy transplantations, despite the intense heat.
"I am at a loss for what to do. There has been a serious pest attack. Not a single agricultural officer has checked our crops in more than a month, the man claims.
Farmers in Suryapet were compelled to hold demonstrations on their paddy fields after the scarcity of water caused the harvest to begin to wither. The state government's declaration of a crop vacation for the Yasangi season in regions under the left canal of the nagarjuna sagar Project, alleging a lack of water in the project, made the situation worse.

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