Recent statistics from the Ministry of Civil Aviation show that the DigiYatra app has shown a sharp increase in usage at rajiv gandhi International airport (RGIA), Shamshabad. 10,61,638 passengers had used the DigiYatra app at RGIA as of december 2023. As of february 11, 2024, this number had soared to 14,92,776.

The report from the Ministry of Civil Aviation also emphasized how widely used DigiYatra has become, with 1.45 crore people using the app for travel purposes at different indian airports. Notably, the DigiYatra app has been more popular in Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, and other major airports. Moreover, as of february 10, an astounding 45.8 lakh people have downloaded the app, a significant rise over the 38 lakh users registered as of january 1.

According to the most recent data by GMR Airports Infrastructure Limited, passenger traffic at rajiv gandhi International airport (RGIA), shamshabad reached all-time highs on january 30, the airport's busiest day ever with an astounding 536 air traffic operations. By january 31, the airport's passenger count had surpassed 20.7 million, marking a record high for the year. Remarkably, throughout the fiscal year 2024, the airport routinely handled almost two million people each month.

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