Following the restoration of khammam Fort's "Zafar well," a stepwell, steps were being taken to expand the fort's infrastructure. The authorities were instructed by Agriculture minister Tummala nageswara rao to prepare a detailed project report (DPR) using professional consultants for the development of khammam Fort as a tourism destination.
On Wednesday, he met with the telangana State Tourism Department Development Corporation engineers ramakrishna and Sridar, the district Tourism Department Officer suman Chakraborty, and the Deputy director of the Archaeology and Museum Department Narayana.

To draw tourists to the fort, the minister advocated for the construction of amenities such as a ropeway, drinking water, restrooms, parking, a food court, stair railing, lighting, gazebos, benches for seating, power supply, and other tourist features.

It should be mentioned that the former BRS government started a project to renovate the ancient fort, which the Kakatiya kings erected in 950 AD, to turn it into a nice tourist destination. As part of that, khammam Municipal Corporation invested Rs 61.80 lakh to rebuild the Zafar well.

Since the Kakatiya era, a rainwater gathering well has stood at the southern edge of the fort. The well was restored and given the name Zafar bowli (well) under the reign of Asaf Jahis, a taluqdar Zafar-ud-doula (1716–1803). 

The Rainwater Project of hyderabad was tasked with restoring the well under the directives of district collector VP gautham and the guidance of municipal commissioner adarsh Surabhi. Work on the project began in april 2023.
To pump water out of the well, two 7 hp motors were used for 23 days. Afterward, 24 laborers were hired for 90 days to clear the well of around 2.12 lakh cubic meters of silt and trash. The well's dimensions are 60 feet wide, 70 feet deep, and 60 feet long.
On february 17, the refurbished Zafar well was officially opened.

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