The ongoing surveillance investigation focuses on the hundreds of crores worth of work done as part of the karimnagar Smart City project during the BRS administration. It appears that only once the discrepancies have been thoroughly investigated can the State government approve funding for the completion of the project. Vigilance officials have already discovered anomalies including BRS executives and contractors doubling or tripling their estimates for some tasks, releasing cash without verifying the quality of the job, and finishing the work ahead of the tender schedule.

All of the data about the Smart City Project, the cm Assurance Funds, and the projects funded by other departments have been removed and are undergoing a thorough investigation. The engineers who supported minister Ponnam prabhakar in his remarks about corruption in the karimnagar Smart City project's lobby have put pressure on the contractors that carried out the construction.

As part of the smart project, three packages totaling Rs 936.94 crore worth of work were started previously. This involves building roads, parks, drinking water supplies, command centers, lighting, landscaping, footpaths, and junction beautification for Rs. 580 crore. Sanitation upkeep and intersection signaling projects are finished.

Allegations of anomalies are mostly related to the junction beautification projects. At a news conference, former trs party mayor Sardar Ravinder Singh said that corruption in smart city operations was making a splash. Although the junctions have been updated, there are claims that during the estimating of these works, the engineers and contractors committed anomalies.
Some claim that contractors have profited by estimating costs that are two or three times higher than actual building costs. An approximate Rs1.30 crore was invested in the Indira Chowk intersection's makeover. There are claims that the job was completed for less money than expected and that third-class materials were utilized. Vigilance officers also concentrated on the construction of side drains and roadways in the housing board colony, which was funded with Rs 64.84 crore, as part of the package.
The initial estimate for the construction of R&B Guest in karimnagar was Rs7.05 crore. Approximately Rs13 crore had been invested by the time the structure was finished. Eleven months later this building was opened by the municipal minister at the time, KTR. Up until then, the construction tenders for around Rs 7 crore of improvements following its opening were decided by R&B authorities, who had requested bids up to Rs 6 crore. The administration requested an investigation into why the work was finished early and then the tenders were called in response to the congress leaders' criticism. Before the assembly elections, a vigilance investigation of Rs 125 crore was carried out on roads, drainage systems, and other development projects funded by the chief minister's assurance money.

The leaders of BRS said that the Manair riverside being developed in karimnagar is the most sophisticated in the world and that during their time in power, G Kamalakar, the current mla of karimnagar and a former minister, provided funding for the riverfront to transform the region into a popular tourist destination. The project cost amounted to Rs 410 crore, with the Irrigation Department investing Rs 310 crore and the Tourism Department spending Rs 100 crore. The decision was made to invest Rs 70 crore alone in the fountain. The Manair riverside will be even more spectacular than Gujarat's Sabarmati riverbank, according to the then-rulers. An investigation was mandated following the Congress's election and the complaints regarding this project were submitted.

This was revealed in the assembly on friday by bc Welfare and Transport minister prabhakar, casting doubt on the project's viability. According to minister prabhakar, the Manair riverside will be the subject of an investigation, and the members have brought the issue to the CM's attention to see whether any impropriety has occurred. He declared that in order to learn every element of the project, he would also travel to Sabarmati.


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