With "Gunturu Kaaram," it is well known that the much-hyped and magical pairing of mahesh babu and trivikram srinivas has completely failed. When they look back on it later, the movie will be remembered as a disastrous endeavor for both, regardless of how well it did or where it failed. Surprisingly, "Guntur Kaaram" is now drawing attention from OTT viewers, and the numbers are substantial. For the second week in a row, the hindi version of "Guntur Kaaram" cracked the Top 10 non-English category.
In contrast to the 2,800,000 hours recorded the week before, the hindi version of "Guntur Kaaram" registered 4,800,000 watch hours from february 12 to february 18, 2024. Furthermore, the record-breaking film Animal by sandeep Vanga does not appear in Netflix's most recent Top 10. However, the hindi rendition of "Guntur Kaaram" peaked at number eight in the Top 10. "Dunki," with 13,000,000 watch hours, is ranked fifth.

The debut of guntur Kaaram on Netflix has been a huge hit. Even though it opened to mixed reviews in theatres, it is already attracting a sizable global audience. On february 9th, the film became available on Netflix in all languages. guntur Kaaram is impressively ranked sixth on the Global Top 10 list with 5.3 million hours seen and 2 million views. The performance of the hindi version is even more unexpected.

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